26 April 2011

Friendly Reminder- Sketchbook Project 2012!

So As you may have seen, I just posted something to Illustration Friday on Monday morning. I'm really trying to keep up each week with submitting.... 

After submission, I happened to glance at the Ad/ sidebar and what do I see? What is the Ad that has caused me to write a whole post about it? What amazingness was there on that site??  (well I guess I spoiled it in my post title & my images).. It's the Sketchbook Project for 2012!

I didn't even realize when the sign-ups began! (..since October, haha). I admit I totally forgot about it! I didn't want to put it off like I did last year.  So I sucked it up, signed up on the spot! 

I'll (hopefully) be starting school in the Fall, so this will be great practice for the pressure of completing projects on time.  :) 

The theme I picked is Stitches and Folds. The theme is just a jumping-off point, but i plan to keep it around.

  I'm super excited to start. I love that you can rebind and modify the moleskin sketchbook any way that you want to suit your look. :)  (a few tiny rules though)... I love this idea of a traveling art show, and whoever came up with it is genius. 
I can't wait to start!  I missed out last year.  :(  That won't happen again. 

Anyone else join in yet?  

Completed books must be postmarked by Jan 31st 2012. I've got some time, but I'm so pumped I might just explode! Let's hope that motivation is around when my sketchbook is delivered and lasts til Jan 2012..

Check it out: The Sketchbook Project 2012

25 April 2011

IF: a squirrel who cannot reach the pedals, won't get very far.

He's just enjoying being high up on his shiny new Penny Farthing. 

I originally drew this with colored pencils, scanned it, and made a background in illustrator. Then, I added some touches in photoshop. But when I saw the final product, I noticed that everything was so rendered and neat, and the main character was lacking.... So i re-did the entire thing in Adobe Illustrator, and I'm much happier now.  :) 

Here is my colored pencil original anyways...

I like that its a bit wonky, but the whole thing needs to be wonky for it to look good in my opinion. :)

21 April 2011

IF: Follow Me.. if You Dare!

This is inspired by a special I watched recently on the Irwin family. I would love travel to the Australia Zoo. Anyone been there? I thought about a really difficult journey down the path less traveled deep into the jungle. I've got my boots and my compass, Who's with me?  :) 

Done in Illustrator, and tiddled around with in Photoshop...