21 November 2012

Tweed Fox Photo post #2

I guess i should just stick with the name Tweed Fox Photography. It's got a nice ring to it. It also looks better on my new watermark! ;)

I had the pleasure of shooting a Maternity session for Michelle and Shaun. Baby Boy is expected around New Years 2012!  :)  They were such a fun couple and she brought so many awesome ideas.

Here are many choice shots from the session!

Tweed Fox Photography?

At this point I've always dabbled in Photography. I've always loved being behind the camera, rather than in front of it. Recently, my sister asked me to shoot her engagement shots!  I was so happy to help!

I had thought about making another blog, or even using my other one to post these photos. I'm still unsure where I want to post my photographic journeys! Oh, and check out my sweet Watermark haha.  :)  I have no idea what to call myself! i may have gone a bit edit-happy, but she wanted that!

Here are some choice shots from the day:

12 November 2012

Quick Post! Cake Topper Complete

I know that i should've taken more "in progress pics"
I thought i had, but i cannot find them  :(

But i still wanted to share the end result!!
Modeled After "The Fox and the Bear"

30 March 2012

In Progress...

Project #1  

Cake Topper!

Based on our little characters from the Storybook.
It's going to be the Fox and the Bear holding hands on the top of the cake. Simple.  :)
I started this like a month ago.. just got around to posting the pics now! Sorry blog friends.
It's made from Sculpey III polymer clay.
It's not solid. I wrapped the clay around aluminum foil so that it's not super heavy and falls through the cake. They'll be on a wooden platform somehow, the clay won't be IN the cake. No worries. :p

(In case you were wondering, he WILL have arms soon.)

Project #2

Painting Self Portrait

Pretty self explanatory :)

In progress! We'll have two or three weeks to finish this. 
This is how far I've gotten in 4 hours. I need better color. I am NOT that tan haha.  :)

I suck at this. I am very bad at drawing the human form, and especially skin tone shading. I prefer colored pencils and layering color, or digital haha. It was hard for me to post this since it's not very good, but I have only just started. I dislike posting works in progress, but I DID promise to post more. So this is for you guys! Enjoy a nice laugh.  :)

23 March 2012

Where I've Been

Hello whoever is out there reading. I noticed through my absence here I've gained 4 new followers!

Welcome whomever you are, and I'm sure you are waiting for updates (as am I!).

As of right now school is ruling my life. Work from 8-5, school from 6-10pm 2 nights, then i have homework!

My painting class has been pretty darned fun! I was hoping to take pictures of everything I've made, and wanted to post up pictures of the process too, but that isn't happening. It's hard to grab a camera when you are smeared with oil paint, turpenoid and liquin. Anywhoo, watch for some paintings soon, and I hope to have some neat little drawing up here soon enough!

I offer my condolences if there is nothing to satisfy your visual hunger.
Here is a random drawing in illustrator. we're trying to figure out what kind of doors should go on the built-in hutch in the Dining room.

Wedding countdown...  211 days....  :)
Also! Hunger Games.... Any takers? I've read the books and got my ticket. 8pm tonight!

08 February 2012

Critter Sale in the Shop + Photo Restoration

I usually don't post shop updates here, but I wanted to say a few things.

I added Photo-retouching and Photo-restoration to my etsy shop. It's always been a hobby of mine, and I wanted to offer my services to all!


My handmade Stuffed Critters have been marked $5 off. :)
Bunny, Bear and Dino! Take your pick!
Cornelia the Bear ................. Kizzy the Bunny
Fred The dino!!!
Check them out, or forward the links? I want them to find good homes. They've been sitting around, looking very sad lately.

14 December 2011

My First Bellycast Painting

So it's pretty straight forward.
There's a pregnant lady who wants her pregnant belly immortalized and hung on the future baby's nursery wall. She's made a cast from paper mâché and now she doesn't want it to be just plain white. (as below)


I got a request for Cherry Blossoms and the baby's name. The mother who has already given birth knows the colors of the nursery and want it to match. Pink blossoms, brown branch, green leaves, brown type, ivory background.

So i put about 4 coats of gesso paint on the cast and sanded down all the rough spots. It took e a while to get the layout of the flowers set. I took a whole day and just sat down and focused. It took about 7 hours, and it was a learning experience. I've never worked with acrylic paints in this scale, so it was great. I was a perfectionist where i needed to be, and real organic where it would work best. I'm happy with the result. The mother loves it and I guess it hanging up now!

Happy Birthday Colleen


So! I decided to put my drawing skills to use and draw a portrait of my friend Colleen. She's a co-worker of mine as well and her bday was Dec 4th!

Before and After photo-shopping... I decided to change her hand placement after a passerby commented "why is the girl on your screen scratching her crotch?".. needless to say, it got changed!

i'm happy with the colors and the effect. I think I'm much better than I was when I started this blog, and I'm excited to continue. :)

Also! Happy Holidays to you all!

Ian and I picked a wedding date... October 20th 2012. 311 days to go!

07 November 2011


This is not a school, art, or drawing related post.

Long Story Short:

I love Ian, so when he asked me to Marry Him on Saturday, I of course said YES!!

Our view on our hike!

He drew me this book!
the ring  :)

We're so excited for the future and overjoyed to be spending it with each other. :)

04 November 2011

Quickie, but big Update! Textures & Boxes Week 9

Hi Guys,

It's been a while since updating!  Here are some quick photos of things I've been doing in school!

The top two were in-class assignments. Shading white, grey and black boxes. I'm very pleased with the way the second one came out.

The last two were texture projects. I love cross hatching! :)

And this is a butterfly that was flying around at Maskar Orchards when we went Apple Picking.  :)

I've also been commissioned to paint a small mural on a belly cast for a nursery! I'm super excited. 3 coats of gesso down, 2 coats of ivory to go! Then some cherry blossoms and things. :)