30 March 2012

In Progress...

Project #1  

Cake Topper!

Based on our little characters from the Storybook.
It's going to be the Fox and the Bear holding hands on the top of the cake. Simple.  :)
I started this like a month ago.. just got around to posting the pics now! Sorry blog friends.
It's made from Sculpey III polymer clay.
It's not solid. I wrapped the clay around aluminum foil so that it's not super heavy and falls through the cake. They'll be on a wooden platform somehow, the clay won't be IN the cake. No worries. :p

(In case you were wondering, he WILL have arms soon.)

Project #2

Painting Self Portrait

Pretty self explanatory :)

In progress! We'll have two or three weeks to finish this. 
This is how far I've gotten in 4 hours. I need better color. I am NOT that tan haha.  :)

I suck at this. I am very bad at drawing the human form, and especially skin tone shading. I prefer colored pencils and layering color, or digital haha. It was hard for me to post this since it's not very good, but I have only just started. I dislike posting works in progress, but I DID promise to post more. So this is for you guys! Enjoy a nice laugh.  :)

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  1. aww i love the cake toppers! congratulations! hope all plans are going well? the portrait is coming along too :D i find getting skin tones right a real challenge!