07 November 2011


This is not a school, art, or drawing related post.

Long Story Short:

I love Ian, so when he asked me to Marry Him on Saturday, I of course said YES!!

Our view on our hike!

He drew me this book!
the ring  :)

We're so excited for the future and overjoyed to be spending it with each other. :)

04 November 2011

Quickie, but big Update! Textures & Boxes Week 9

Hi Guys,

It's been a while since updating!  Here are some quick photos of things I've been doing in school!

The top two were in-class assignments. Shading white, grey and black boxes. I'm very pleased with the way the second one came out.

The last two were texture projects. I love cross hatching! :)

And this is a butterfly that was flying around at Maskar Orchards when we went Apple Picking.  :)

I've also been commissioned to paint a small mural on a belly cast for a nursery! I'm super excited. 3 coats of gesso down, 2 coats of ivory to go! Then some cherry blossoms and things. :)