30 March 2011

IF: Teddy Bears need baths too!

There's no best friend like a teddy bear best friend..

This was inspired by a story my friend told me about his childhood. :)

28 March 2011

What I'd like to be doing right now...

Sitting in a tree, on a swing, swaying in the cool breeze, knitting the longest scarf ever...

How did she even get up there? How does she change yarn colors? 
How will she get down? Maybe her new scarf will become a rope ladder.
I should have drawn a little table up there with lemonade & biscuits in case she gets hungry...

I wanted to draw something that provokes some funny questions. :) "Spring-Swing Knitting Bear" was created with pencil, colored pencil, a little marker, some chocolate for me, and a little background filling in photoshop.   :)  I hope it makes you smile. I am very patiently waiting for Spring to actually start feeling like Spring. Today was awfully cold.. hopefully it gets warmer soon. I want to start gardening at Ian's house.

23 March 2011

IF: Jill and the Sunflower stalk

For this weeks Illustration Friday, I decided to make a very Spring Picture. All of the plants are popping their little green heads out of the ground, but this sunflower is mighty early, and mighty big!

Jill didn't know how good her gardening skills really were, that is, until she looked up...

 Sketched with pencil, outlined in ink, colored with markers & colored pencils and finished up in photoshop.
This is my sketch/ line drawing.

04 March 2011

Collaborative Birthday Illustration for Danny!

Ian and I wanted to actually make my sister's bf, Danny something neat for his birthday (which was yesterday).  We've been working on this for over a week, and now since it's already been gifted, i can post it up! I sketched it out, Ian helped me render it, he fixed parts, and added much needed details. He also drew the doggies! Then I colored it Tuesday night. All of the clothes are based on things they own. The dachshund is Harley, and the Jack Russell is Danny's dog, Fred. :)

Here is the line drawing...
(i forgot to take a pic of it before i started coloring, haha!)

This is the completed piece (scanned in).. 

 It looks better in person.... something is up with our scanner!

And this is the drawing in its frame! :)

I wish they made 6x9 frames. that would've been perfect! We settled on a 5x7.. a bit snug.

Overall I'm really pleased with it. We both are! And Danny, my sister and everyone loved it. :)