23 March 2011

IF: Jill and the Sunflower stalk

For this weeks Illustration Friday, I decided to make a very Spring Picture. All of the plants are popping their little green heads out of the ground, but this sunflower is mighty early, and mighty big!

Jill didn't know how good her gardening skills really were, that is, until she looked up...

 Sketched with pencil, outlined in ink, colored with markers & colored pencils and finished up in photoshop.
This is my sketch/ line drawing.


  1. I adore this! Sunflowers are my favorite and this drawing is so wonderful done! :)

  2. We got some seeds from a fairy party my little girl went to and she grew them and one germinated, it was a giant sunflower like this and it brought her so much joy. Your illustration made me think of that :-)