04 March 2011

Collaborative Birthday Illustration for Danny!

Ian and I wanted to actually make my sister's bf, Danny something neat for his birthday (which was yesterday).  We've been working on this for over a week, and now since it's already been gifted, i can post it up! I sketched it out, Ian helped me render it, he fixed parts, and added much needed details. He also drew the doggies! Then I colored it Tuesday night. All of the clothes are based on things they own. The dachshund is Harley, and the Jack Russell is Danny's dog, Fred. :)

Here is the line drawing...
(i forgot to take a pic of it before i started coloring, haha!)

This is the completed piece (scanned in).. 

 It looks better in person.... something is up with our scanner!

And this is the drawing in its frame! :)

I wish they made 6x9 frames. that would've been perfect! We settled on a 5x7.. a bit snug.

Overall I'm really pleased with it. We both are! And Danny, my sister and everyone loved it. :)