14 December 2011

My First Bellycast Painting

So it's pretty straight forward.
There's a pregnant lady who wants her pregnant belly immortalized and hung on the future baby's nursery wall. She's made a cast from paper mâché and now she doesn't want it to be just plain white. (as below)


I got a request for Cherry Blossoms and the baby's name. The mother who has already given birth knows the colors of the nursery and want it to match. Pink blossoms, brown branch, green leaves, brown type, ivory background.

So i put about 4 coats of gesso paint on the cast and sanded down all the rough spots. It took e a while to get the layout of the flowers set. I took a whole day and just sat down and focused. It took about 7 hours, and it was a learning experience. I've never worked with acrylic paints in this scale, so it was great. I was a perfectionist where i needed to be, and real organic where it would work best. I'm happy with the result. The mother loves it and I guess it hanging up now!