22 February 2011

IF: You better layer up! it's 6 degrees outside!

Lately the weather has been an absolute tease. It was about 60 degrees on Saturday (NY). And now it's turned to only 6 degrees at night. Totally unfair! I just got back from Chicago and it didn't even snow! I was looking forward to some real Windy City storms (as long as it didn't interfere with my plane ride back of course, haha).. but nothing. It was quite warm actually.

Anywhoo... I was chilly as I was drawing this, coloring it, and now I'm chilly as I am posting this. Make sure to wear as many layers as possible!

She's got a felted cloche hat with feathers, a green scarf, a yellow dress, a teal skirt, 
a purple and pink striped button-down shirt, an orange cardigan, 
something that looks like a blue "Members Only" Jacket (haha), purple leggings, 
grey knee-high socks, orange frilly socks and T-strap mary janes. I'd say that's a good start!


  1. Wonderful shading and line work. I adore her socks and shoes!

  2. She is sweet, sweet, sweet! And cozy! I just love her hat. Hahaha, I remember Members Only!

  3. Aww, thank you for adding me! Gigantic hugs to you. :)

  4. Love all the layers and colors. Adorable.