03 May 2011

Tiny Doodles

.. to pass the time.. waiting for House and the Chicago Code on come on tv last night. :)

I've been swooning over all things vintage pyrex lately... i need to get my collection going!
I went on a trip to Hancock, MA (and surrounding areas) this weekend and sadly, I had to pass up some good looking pieces!  I did buy a vintage Egg beater for $2 though. :)

I am in Love with all the simple designs. :)

If you are looking for these pieces they were in various Shops in Red Hook! I can go find the store names if you desperately need them. :)

1 comment:

  1. Love the old pyrex bowls too - something about their patterns just makes me happy, and I remember the sets my mother had/has.

    It's great that you took some time to draw them!