14 July 2011

This Cuteness Must be Seen!

For all who get their inspiration from the cuteness all around, feast your eyes on this!

oh, you can't see what I'm talking about?

I love them!  :)
 They've been living in/under Ian's front yard for quite a while, and finally poked their heads out of the hole! (I think i disturbed a feeding session hehe.)

That's mommy, Cecilia, in the top picture. Yes, I named them. This is Maxwell, Doris and Henry. (Henry is hiding, he's real shy).

These bunnies have since grown up and moved away. Cecilia comes by to visit now and again. Anywhoo, since I've finally uploaded the pics to my computer, they must be shared!

I hope they made you smile. :) Feel free to pass the cute along.


  1. Thank you for sharing this, I love to see that you encourage wildlife to coexist with you, I try to do this too, after all its a big planet, there is plenty of room for us all! Gorgeous!

  2. Thank you for sharing these cute bunnies. They certainly did make me smile.