07 September 2011

Going Back to School : Drawing I

Last night, I went to my first class at the local Community College. I began taking Drawing I. Most of the students were younger than me, one was older than me, and most acted like they were right out of elementary school. I don't know about other older attendees, but I am there to learn and intend to use this expensive education I've purchased to further my skills and career.

Photo by John Jay (I'm NOT going there btw)
I do not want to go home early. 
I do not want another break. 
I will not complain about buying books and supplies.
I will not show up late or skip class.

I've been out of tech school for 5 years. I've been working full time for those 5 years in an established company doing design work.  Only recently have I gotten much better at talking with adults, and now I have to reverse that. It's been a long time since dealing with people in college.

I don't know half of the jokes and slang that were muttered while the professor was talking, and I'm not sure if I really care...

I'm excited for my second class tonight, 2D Design.

I hope to post projects here throughout my semesters, and maybe get little feedback?  :)
Photo by Crayola


  1. This interests me. I sometimes wish I could go back to college and take art classes. When I try to illustrate this new children's PB I'm working on for another author, I wonder what each picture is missing, even though the author gushes about my abilities. So, I'll give you feedback if you give me tips =)

  2. This is so exciting to hear! I'm looking forward to seeing new works in the months to come!