27 September 2011

Wednesday Night 2D Design Class

I feel like I've been neglecting this blog! I've actually been doing a lot of art now that school has begun and I want to share some with you all!

Let's see.... I've been in this class for, oh.. about 3 weeks now. Tomorrow will be the start of the 4th week. This class has been rather challenging. It's completely non-representational. Meaning, all shapes and lines that do not form a familiar object. No dogs, people or houses. Impossible right? Really! No squares, circles or rectangles either. All organic shapes and weird free drawn lines. That is something I am not very good at. Our first in class assignment was to create "Three Significant Lines". We had to draw out in a thumbnail box (2" w x 2.5" h) three lines, all different shapes, sizes, thickness, forms and angles. The second thumbnail was just adding more details... the 3rd was changing the thickness and the 4th, 5th and 6th were to finalize the changes and pick the best one. Then we had to draw it out in an 8x10in box, and color it with a fine point sharpie.

This was my in class... My final, and all my thumbnails.

During the critiques from the class I was told I have an obvious style (umm excuse me what? I didn't think so. Do you see my blog tagline? That's the point of this blog! I guess everyone does have one... i'm glad that i'm getting close. I was also told that my lines were whimsical. Sounds good to me!)

The at home assignment was the same idea, except with larger thumbnails. This is my final!

AT HOME!  I got 12/12 points. A+  :)   

I'm very proud of my neatly drawn lines. I used a ruler, something completely unheard of before school. That's something I'm trying very hard to maintain!

We've since had to make "Three Significant Shapes"  and "Realism to Abstract" assignments. I will post those when i get around to taking photos!

This class has a ton of work and a ton of power point presentations... But I do like learning new things. I also have my Drawing I class on Tuesday Nights (tonight), but I haven't really been able to snap any good photos. We've been doing Contour drawings, Blind and Semi-blind. We're also drawing from still life, and (re)learning the Rule of Thirds. I learned it in photography, but it's cool to use it in more than just a viewfinder.

Anywhoo.. I hope you guys will stick around and see more of my classwork. The in-class critiques are very hepful, I'd be very happy to hear from anyone out there in the blogosphere!

Take Care & Wish me more luck. haha
- D

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  1. these are really interesting! good luck with the rest of the course.
    being challenged is the best thing about art school, i miss being a student!