12 October 2011

Drawing Class Week #6 : Shading some Cubes

We started doing more in depth projects this week, including but not limited to: shading, lines, perspective, tone, angle, texture and shape!  A lot going on really, but with my 2D class learning almost the same things, I think I'm doing all right.

This was our in class assignment.

Draw the huge Styrofoam box in the middle of the classroom, and shade as you see it. "Draw from what you see, rather than what you think you see." I must say that to myself 20 million times a day now... My boxes aren't perfect, but I'm pretty happy with my shading so far.. it needs work, but eh.. :)

THEN, if you don't think it could get any tougher than that crazy insane intricate cube, my professor adds one more!

Here is my drawing:

I am certainly pleased with this one. :)  again, I am not any sort of professional here, but I like the way it looks. cube #2 is a bit wonky on the bottom, but eh.. I like it.

Our homework was to draw 3 cubes around the house in a pile.. everyone in class loved mine which was a big confidence booster. (thank you all ::sniffle::)
Once I take a good picture of it, i'll post it up for you guys to see!

We began class this week with a long 2, possibly 3 day drawing of LOTS of boxes. A huge, yet organized, pile of them! I'm pretty happy with where mine is right now, but since it's in class, I didn't get to take a photo of it yet... I will though!  I am unable to attend 2D design tonight, but I promise to make up the work and then share it with you. Enjoy your night!  :)

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