11 October 2011

Drawing Class Week #1-5

Wow, i can't believe that I am on week 6 already. I haven't shared any of my work from Drawing class. I was most excited to post my stuff from that class here too!

So... week #1 we learned about Blind Contour Drawings..
"The student, fixing their eyes on the outline of the model or object, draws the contour very slowly in a steady, continuous line without looking at the paper."

I drew my own hand, and a few objects in class that I didn't take photos of... and for homework that week we had to draw a piece of lettuce 2 times.
As you can see.... i didn't look at the paper very much at all! (which is the point) ... its cool how features end up in the completely wrong place. It was funny when i got to look for the first time. haha.

Week 2 was Semi-Blind Contour drawings... Pretty much the same idea, except this time you can glance at the paper to see how its going, but once your pencil starts moving, you must look away. Not allowed to look as you draw. Its cleaner and more organized, but still has the same wonky distorted feel to it. Here is my homework for that week.
antique sewing bobbin, votive holder and bamboo.
Week #3 and 4 .. We learned about the rule of thirds, as we did in my 2D Class.
During the drawing class we made some drawings based on still life in the room following the rule of thirds.
Subject in either of the 4 "hot spots" on the page, never centered.
That wicker basket was a pain in my arse!
My homework that week:
big silk flower, small pyrex, and a mason jar filled with buttons!

We've finally started on shading and light sources and angles and things! We drew many boxes last class and had to draw a bunch for homework.. I'll share those another time. This post is long enough as it is!!

6 hours til Drawing class tonight!

also, I had some other drawings but my professor asked if he could put them in the display case. :)  Again, I'm sure no big deal, but to me I felt very honored. I'm new to this college thing... so to have the approval of my professor, and to be doing things correctly and well enough to make it into the case was an incredible honor for me.  :) It's silly, but I'm excited to see them in the case. :)

Thanks for reading, and your critiques!


  1. I love blind contour drawing! It really gets me in the zone. Love all your posts about drawing classes and look forward to reading more of them!

  2. I liked blind contour drawing a lot when I was in school. I really liked the time we had to do figure drawing that way - the figures looked all melty and strange.