30 September 2011

Back to School: 2D Design Class Update!

I guess you could consider this Part 2 of my Back to School Journey... Part 1 is here.

So... This is what went on last week. We had a project wherein we drew a zoomed in (cropped) drawing of our keys, or whatever objects we wanted, following the rule of thirds. Then we have to remove obvious detailed lines, and darken areas to make the image more abstract. We drew about 6 thumbnails and then chose one to blow up to 8 x 10in.

This is my final one from the In-Class Assignment.

Then.... We did the same process at home, except now we needed to make three 8 x 10in final drawings... as "abstract" as you can make it. From close up while I was drawing, it didn't look so obvious, but when I saw from in the back of the classroom, it wasn't as abstract. It very much looks like a ring, some earrings and a few safety pins. haha.

After we went through the classroom student critiques and watched a few PowerPoint presentations we got to create something my professor called "One Expressive Brushstroke" .. which sounds pretty simple. Again, No.. everything rests on that one stroke! It's a lot of pressure to get it right. One stroke, just one. We were given one piece of paper, one brush with some ink (we got dark purple-ish grey when it was supposed to be black.. hmmm)  .. After we created the most intense brush stroke we possibly could think up, we had to cut out one shape fro construction paper and glue it on in a spot that would enhance the expressiveness of our brushstroke.

I had a grand ol' time time cutting out my shape ... but in the end, it really didnt compliment my stroke at all. I wish i could've redone it. Anywhoo.. this is my finished work.

I call it: "Snake wearing a Tiara"

- ink and construction paper on mix media paper. haha.  :) 

More to come as the weeks go by.  :)

Our homework this weekend is called "The Shape Mask" .. we must cut a shape out of paper, and then paint, color, spray paint, rub charcoal, or something around the edges of the shape as a stencil. So that when you pick up the shape, that area where the shape was lying is still white and the outside has the color. We've gotta overlap them 30 times. If we use black, it should look like a negative? Does that make sense? The we cut out another shape out of black construction paper and glue it down to compliment our collage of shape masks. I can't wait to start. I better pick a good shape.  :)

I'll post photos when I'm all done!

I dunno who is actually reading, but thanks :)

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  1. I like this one. it would be nice in a frame on wall